Hi. My name is David. A big welcome to all of you who are visiting my blog for the first time. You have an interest in exotic pets? Or you want to read up more on reptiles? Well, perhaps you are interested in both subjective questions raised here and wouldn’t mind satisfying your curiosity with some stimulating reading on the fascinating subjects of both exotic pets and reptiles. Instead of creating one blog each on these two distinct categories, I decided to go full steam ahead with a project which I would like to see grow in the future.

Before I give you a brief introduction to some of the first posts you’ll be reading, let me fill you in on my structure here, and then also give you a sketch or two on what got me started in this business in the first place. Because we are going to be talking about both reptiles and exotic pets, we’ll be categorising the posts. This will be the task of our blog administrator, but my task will be to keep your reading as interesting as possible while maintaining its informative structure.

I’ll be mixing and matching the posts, as they say. So, expect me to talk about reptiles on one day, and then on another day, I’ll be moving on to exotic pets. The beauty of this project is that there’s great potential for giving this work as much scope as possible. For instance, did you know that of current and existing species in the world today, there are at least hundreds? So in this sense, one day I could be talking about snakes, and the next, I could be talking about geckos or lizards.

The same goes for exotic pets. There are dozens of species, never mind the animal alone that are today categorised as exotic pets. There’s irony in this, because unless you are an expert on these creatures and are granted a special license to keep, preserve and rear them, you may not keep exotic pets in your home. The term is also broad and often misunderstood. Yes, it’s been known to happen. It happened tragically some years ago in America.

A rather idiotic man decided that he was going to keep a lion on his premises. He may have believed that this was a noteworthy exotic pet to keep. But in reality, he and the poor creature made all the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Now, while I’m a great fan of exotic pets and reptiles, I keep no such animals at home. I would like to recommend that you stay true to this as well. So, the main reason for starting up this blog in the first place came from a desire to learn and then inform.

Yes, I did want to share my enthusiasm for unusual and often neglected creatures, but I also wanted to share with readers important issues on why such creatures should not be kept at home, unless under expert hands, and more importantly, why we should do everything in our power to help preserve species, whether we are keeping a pet garden snake on our grounds, or making contributions towards relevant non-governmental organizations.

I won’t be able to do everything by myself. I would, however, like to continue to educate and inform as far as possible. But I would also like to have some fun by way of sharing my interest in all of the creatures categorised thus. First up, I’ll be giving a short expose on what exactly constitutes an exotic pet. Those that go on to keep them also need to know that there are rules that need to be followed. I’ll also be profiling reptiles, talking about snake phobias and then discussing why it’s so important to take your kids to the museum and to game parks. Enjoy your reading.