[FIND OUT] Do Ball Pythons Eat Humans?

A Ball python is strong enough to strangle a human to death but it cannot swallow an adult human or kid.

Please, do not make a habit of putting snakes around your neck or your kids. These snakes are strong enough to strangle a full-grown adult human so it is better to not just do it at all.

A 4- or 5-foot ball python is much larger than 1.5 inches and an 18-foot python applies 12 psi and a 5 foot 6psi.

That’s per square inch. Now, imagine if your neck is 17 inches and a ball python wrapped around your neck with 2 coils. Let’s say it has only 4psi of strength. At only 34 square inches (if the snake was only 1 inch round in diameter) that would be the same as 136 pounds of pressure.

136 Pounds of Pressure wrapped around your neck! Tell me just how easy that would be to remove?

Is It Safe To Allow A Ball Python To Wrap Around Your Neck?

No, it isn’t safe to allow a ball python to wrap itself around your neck. It could strangle you to death with ease that way.

Your body will panic and before you can do anything, you would lose control and close your eyes. That’s the end!

Never make a habit of placing snakes around your neck; no matter how small. These are snakes that could bite an artery and cause you to bleed to teeth or strangle you so it is better to just not do it at all.

Can A Ball Python Eat A Person?

While a ball python cannot eat a person, any snake over 4 foot is capable of squeezing the human neck to the point of suffocation.

I for one will never put a snake on my neck unless I have more than one person just in case. Even at that, I still wouldn’t do it.

It just isn’t worth it.

Do Pythons Eat Humans?

Yes, pythons can knock a human down, and wrap themselves around you and suffocate you in the process before swallowing you.

Typically speaking, pythons are 23 feet long and 200-pound weight. A python’s lower jaw is attached to its skull which lets it expand. It can open it’s wide very wide.

However, pythons rarely kill and eat humans, but there are occasional reports of them swallowing kids or animals.

In 2017, an Indonesian man’s body was found inside a python by the police.

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Has A Ball Python Ever Killed A Child?

If your ball python were to escape and suffocate a child it would be the first. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use caution when it comes to kids and animals.

Your real concern would be properly handling and a safe secure enclosure. Never let your 2, 4, 6 or 10-year-old handle the snake without supervision, and ensure everyone washes their hands afterward to prevent things like salmonella from spreading.

As long as you have a proper setup and keep things closed tightly when the snake isn’t handled, things should be fine.

Can A Ball Python Strangle You?

Yes, a ball python is able to strangle you TO DEATH, if it pleases and if you create such a situation for it. Technically, even a squeeze from a ball python can cause your blood capillaries to expand which could make you pass out, even if it wasn’t that tight.

I don’t recommend having snakes around your neck for the following reasons:

You’re unable to see where your snake is going, or what it is doing, and it’s hard to control it

If your pet’s BP slips and falls, it could be badly injured.

Ground snakes such as ball pythons, will become cared when they are forced to hold on to height. A stressed-out snake has a higher chance of biting you when compared to a chilled snake. Yes, I have heard a lot of stories of people getting bitten ON THE FACE because the snake got scared on their shoulders.

Do Snakes Eat Human Babies?

Boa or large constrictors can strangle to death and eat human babies if they’re starved.

In 2006, a Cincinnati man was strangled to death by his 13′ boa. So never say never.

Do Ball Pythons Wanna Eat Us?

No, ball pythons don’t want to eat you. They’ll only constrict what they can fit into their mouth.

Can Ball Pythons Eat 4-Year Old?

No! ball pythons cannot eat a 4-year-old boy/girl but are strong enough to strangle them.

Can You Pick Up A Ball Python After It Eats?

Yes, you can but we do not recommend it. That stresses the snake and can cause it to vomit its meal as it tries to escape.

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